A Malibu Birthday Getaway P1

August 7, 2018

I have been wishing for the perfect time to take a vacation for the first time away from my son for a long time now. Leaving him with anyone more than the nights I am at work is just something I haven’t done before.  I guess you could say I was subconsciously waiting for the right person to go away with, someone I wanted to spend 4 solid interrupted adult days with.  Well as you now know I found my person, Andy is the only person that I could imagine taking a vacation with and leave my pride and joy at home.  To seal the deal Andy’s amazing family volunteered to take him for us that was a BIG deal for me since I’ve never experienced such generosity in my life.  They have accepted us both and make us feel so welcome and like we are part of the family. I guess this is what you call a normal and healthy relationship!?

I booked our hotel stay at The Native Hotel  in Malibu California.  Upon arriving to the renovated boutique Motel we knew we were going to love it there. Everything was just like the photos on their website which is usually vert rare from my experience.  It was the perfect beach lovers bungalow.  It didn’t have tv’s which was a big selling point for me as we were able to sit in our hammock and just talk all night long!  The front desk people were extremely wonderful and very personable.  I will definitely stay at The Native the next time I’m in town! Malibu truly was the perfect first getaway for us, I keep saying it honestly felt like a honeymoon and not just his birthday.  It was the perfect balance of our personalities where we got to get to know each other on a deeper level and fall more in love with each other.  (I didn’t think that was any more possible!)


Starting our trip out with a bang was our number one goal.  Lunch at Nobu Malibu was the best idea EVER we enjoyed every second of the food, drinks, view and each other.  My one suggestion is to book a month out since they are very trendy and always booked, we lucked out because someone canceled so we took what we could get.  I have never experienced a fresher fish in my entire life, Nobu made this food snob a even bigger one!  We both agreed that this needs to be a yearly anniversary trip for us.  The cocktails are strong and creative while the food is artwork the t literally melts in your mouth.

We ordered their signature dishes and didn’t regret any of them.  Making choices was basically impossible for us because we wanted it all and it all sounded amazing!  If you do make the plunge be ready to spend $500 because its that easy.

Yellowtail Sashimi Jalapeño

Lobster Ceviche on Limestone Lettuce

Chilean Seabass with Dry Miso

Albacore with Meyer Lemon

Spicy Miso Chips – Tuna or Scallop

This is the first vacation I have EVER taken where I can say I enjoyed every part of it, mostly because I’m absolutely in love with the person I was with. We drove the coast a lot and found beautiful beaches to visit and explore, Leo Carillo State Park was my absolute favorite because of its hidden spots and wildlife we found.

Stay tuned to more of our adventure next week!


Places we visited… The Native Hotel   | Nobu Malibu