We left our hearts in SF

February 23, 2018

Some people thought I was insane for traveling with my three year old alone to a big city for 4 days. Some people said your brave.  To me though it was just me doing life the only way I know how to, doing life BIG to the best of my ability as a single mother.  I booked a trip for my thirty something birthday and said F*@% IT, I am doing life with my best little man by my side. We didn’t take a stroller or carseat and it was so perfect He climber the biggest hills in the city with me, embraced the fun and beauty of the city and public transportation and never complained. (I know thats insane for a toddler to not complain but this time it’s actually true!!)

We stayed at Hotel Zephyr in the heart of Fisherman’s Wharf where I fell in love with the creative design of the entire hotel. If you are ever looking for the perfect boutique hotel that makes you feel beyond at home, book them!

Our first night was spent walking the streets of China Town looking at all the traditions and eating the best Chinese food by far.  One thing I adore about my son is his serious appreciation for the simple things in life. He is along for the ride and shows his brain soaking in all the historic of the city of San Francisco.

Cable Cars, Uber rides, Ghirardelli Square, The Golden Gate Bridge, Union Square, Alcatraz and checking out the historically beautiful architecture of the homes and old buildings I fell in love with the city as a whole. To me being a good mom is doing life and teaching him what life is all about, experiences. Experiencing the things around us and how they have contributed to the world and the place we come from. Spending four COLD AF days was the perfect birthday with the little human I created I couldn’t ask for a better life.

One of my all time favorite things todo in SF when I visit is Alcatraz. The stories, building and history that has come out of such an errie place is fucking phenomenal.  To see it this time through my sons eyes made it that much more memorable. I am not the mom who sugar coats life I proudly show him the truth and the magic of it all because I believe it is what makes him a well rounded child and will make him that much better of an individual as he gets older.

As a 90’s kid who grew up in the time of Uncle Jesse and the Beach Boys seeing the home that Full House was filmed was a dream of mine. So we took a Uber up the hills to see it and I couldn’t have been more ecstatic about it!

My advice to anyone who is a single parent is to live your fucking life! Don’t be afraid to go out and do it with your kids, show them the world and have no regrets.


xoxo Sara