The One Who Loves My Son One Day

February 13, 2018

This year #ValentinesDay is about my love for my son who is and always being the biggest love of my life. It’s not about anything a man does for me, it’s about the LOVE I have for this little person I have created.

To the person who falls in love with my Son Someday:

Right now he is still little and I’m doing my best to guide him to be kind, respectful and to listen.  So one day, when you find each other he can shower you with love, respect and kindness because he is growing up faster than I’m prepared for. Right now he chooses me.  He chooses to play race cars and read books. He comes to me for help and to snuggle when he’s sick. But one day, he will choose you. He will want to spend his days off with you and his home will be wherever you are. As his mama that’s all I can wish for. And to you the person who falls in love with my son I promise to love you too. And when that time comes I will be so proud. Proud of the person he has become, proud of the person he has chosen. Proud to be his mom.

Love should happen every single day not on one day because the rest of the world is.  Don’t get me wrong obviously am not against being spoiled, I mean what sane woman doesn’t eat bouquets of flowers, diamonds and chocolate?! Bug when it comes down to it all I care about is spending my days and nights with my greatest love story ever.

Photography: Iphone by my dad | Rowan’s Outfit… Shirt: Cayden and Co , Beanie: Darlings and Dudes | Moms Outfit… Shoes: Target , Dress: Nicole Miller and Jacket: Madewell