About the Blogger…

Hi I’m Sara. I’m a thirty something San Diego native and a single mom to the sweetest threenager ever. I have spent my entire life living by the beach but LOVE to travel to get my fix of seasons. I am a serial entrepreneur and owned and operated 3 businesses in my 20’s and am a serious workaholic. I have been married not once but TWICE and now am raising my son as a single mom all while working nights as a bartender and writing when I have the free time. We live our life simple and fun, we play hard and I wouldn’t have it any other way. In 2011 I launched a wedding blog and networking group for creative entrepreneurs called Urban Style. When I gave birth to my son, Rowan in 2014, I realized that life doesn’t stop after weddings and neither should my professional life so I rebranded in 2015 as a lifestyle blog now Good Morning Gorgeous!  I am addicted to coffee, wine, food and home decor; don’t be surprised if you see a lot of it on my Instagram feed!  I like nice things but live a simple life with my son and our golden retriever Chewie (we Love Starwars). I have a bachelors in graphic design from The Art Institute and do small scale projects on the side.  

About the Blog…

My goal is to  inspire you to be yourselves at HOME, with FAMILY & FRIENDS, in BUSINESS, and with STYLE. I hope that through my life of dating, being a single mom and working you will be inspired in your life with my experiences.  I am excited to have you wake up to new original content each morning as you pour over the blog with a nice cup of coffee or maybe a mimosa! We want you to live out life with us. Good Morning Gorgeous is a lifestyle and the simple three words we all love to hear as women. I want you to enjoy the simplicity of life with me from family, love & relationships, cooking, travel, fashion, beauty, home, diy projects, business and everything else you can think of.

Family:  Grab a seat on the couch and enjoy watching our relationship as a single mother and son. Advice, our real life, parties etc.

Lifestyle:  Pour yourself a glass of wine and read about my life from being single, to dating to what it was like married. Enjoy my adventures with my girlfriends, boyfriends and child free adventures.

Travel:  Grab your passport and watch us take vacations, staycations and tiny little getaways all while teaching my toddler about the adventures of life.

Beauty & Wellness: Put a face mask on and learn about my favorite beauty secrets and living out a healthy and normal life without being obsessed with the fads we see all the time.

In the Kitchen: Run to the store and cook along side me and make yourself one of my favorite cocktails!

Home: Enjoy a cup of coffee with us, as we share our entertaining advice, home tours and the pretty things I don’t need but have to buy at some of my favorite places.